Match your helicopter to your exclusive brand

Exclusive Helicopters is the ONLY luxury customization company dedicated to transforming your Helicopter into a one of a kind MASTERPIECE that embodies your lifestyle and personal brand.

Our MASTER CRAFTSMEN design luxury interiors with unique designs that push creative limits and incorporate only the finest woods, leathers, carpets, textiles, metals and accessories in the world.

The Hallmark of the Exclusive Helicopter brand is our exquisite paint schemes which are individually designed for your personal or corporate image using eye catching, proprietary colors and lines. Exclusive Helicopters guarantees your satisfaction and provides the best warranty in the industry.


There are basic helicopters... and then there are EXCLUSIVE HELICOPTERS.

Which defines you?





Call Stephen directly and start on your custom design and maintenance plan immediately. We’ll review the scope of work and prepare for you a timeframe for completion. CONTACT US or give us a call at 724-823-0220.

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