Advanced Aircraft Maintenance's painting department is experienced and specializes in all models of Agusta, Airbus, Bell, MD, Robinson, and Sikorsky.

TO EVERY DETAIL OF your rotorcraft.

We provide the latest technology for refinishing your rotorcraft, following a detailed process that places superior quality at the center.

  • Chemically or mechanically strip your rotorcraft to its original aluminum or composite base
  • Perform a thorough inspection of the ship
  • Review and discuss any hidden damage or corrosion along with recommendations for repairs
  • Alodine, etch, and seal the rotorcraft with epoxy primers
  • Provide optional finishes, including single stage to clear coating polyurethane
  • Remove, refinish, and rebalance all control surfaces before reinstallation
  • Refinish your rotorcraft to a factory-type or custom scheme, offering custom colors and effects using candies, pearls, marble, flip-flops and even glow-in-the-dark paints

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Call Stephen directly and start on your custom design and maintenance plan immediately. We’ll review the scope of work and prepare for you a timeframe for completion. CONTACT US or give us a call at 724-823-0220.

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